Atlas Stone Distribution is Lapitec's new distributor for the Midwest

Today, there are 12 distributors in the US. Thus, over 47 states are covered, as well as Alberta, Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. The Italian company has a strong presence in America as it is one of its privileged market. Since Spring 2016, Atlas Stone Distribution - with headquarter in Dallas, Texas, and warehouses in Dallas, Chicago, Columbus, St. Louis and Kansas City - is representing Lapitec in Illinois, Southwest Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Northern Texas. 
«Following our mission of keeping Customers First in every business transaction – says Raj Pahuja, President of Atlas Stone Distribution –  we are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Lapitec to promote and distribute the sintered stone surface in our markets. Atlas Stone Distribution, since 2007 has been a well known name in the natural stone and quartz distribution industry. With a foot print covering different states from 5 distribution centers in the midwest region, we are equipped and ready to embrace and promote Lapitec».