Lapitec solutions for architects at BAU 2017

Architects will be the focus of the Lapitec® stand at Bau. In fact, from 16 to 21 January, the company will bring all the technologies designed for claddings and large surfaces to Munich (Hall A4 – 400). The feature will be Urban, a collection dedicated to exteriors, followed by a slab with a detailed graphical design to show off the high workability of the material; lastly, a whole wall will host various slab fastening systems to highlight the great versatility at an installation level.
Urban, great slabs for great spaces
Aesthetically and technically conceived to meet architectural needs, this collection aims to become the go-to solution for large size surfaces such as building façades, walls, floors and footpaths.  Brooklyn is a revolutionary interpretation of colours and shades of iron alloys. The effect is one of extraordinary chromatic scope, blending spectacular oxidation effects on muted backgrounds: an evocative and richly textured canvas that is reminiscent of authentic Corten weathering steel thanks to the opacity of the surface finish. London is the most metropolitan colour of the new collection because it suggests the mood of the buildings in the British capital: ash grey with hues that draw inspiration from the classic shades of London smog. Columns, stately villas and marble form the aesthetic basis that led the company to create Roma, the third mood proposed by the Urban collection: the colour is a suffused, warm and impeccably elegant cream. Casablanca is an extremely pale and pure ivory finish that recreates the effect of the white buildings of the Moroccan metropolis, famous for their stunning contrast with the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean.
Extreme workability and versatility for sintered stone
The technical characteristics of the product enhance its vast range of colour and finish options, making it ideal for many applications. From large exterior surfaces to more detailed designs, Lapitec® continues to be the choice of architects and designers worldwide. At Bau, its qualities are demonstrated by exhibiting a wall, as large as a Lapitec® slab, with very detailed work that creates a particularly fascinating pattern.
Moreover, three fastening systems are exhibited – through rivets, Keil anchor system with blind holes and chemical bonding – which exemplify different solutions for installing the material on large vertical and horizontal surfaces. Lastly, there will be a kitchen by Maistri, a company that has been a partner of Lapitec® for a number of years. The Dune finish is combined with the Moca colour to create a kitchen module