Lapitec® approved by University of Milan

This is an important validation that comes from the Chemistry Department at the University of Milan, which has measured the photocatalytic power of Lapitec® slabs as well as the natural absorbency of trees, in order to compare the degree of removal of nitrogen oxides from the atmosphere by each.

The news came after careful analysis carried out by researchers in the Chemistry Department on samples of Lapitec® slabs tested for photo-degradation of nitrogen oxides in the air.
The experimental results collected have been compared with collected data on the natural power of trees, especially the leaves, to absorb pollutant molecules (CO, SO2, ozone and NOx) from the air. Then, comparing the data available to researchers and the experimental results obtained on Lapitec® slabs, it is showed that 100 m2 of Lapitec® degrade in six hours a quantity of NOx equal to the daily work of about 28 trees, calculated as a measure of 21.9 m2 of leaf surface.

Lapitec® is a completely natural material certified as antibacterial that also helps the environment in actively removing polluting molecules.

Lapitec® thinks to the environment, it is certified!