Lapitec® breaks through the Scavolini collection

At the “Salone del Mobile 2016” exhibition, Scavolini will offer Lapitec®’s sintered stone for the first time, by using it as a work surface material and for the back of one of its kitchens. Vesuvio, with a slightly structured surface that evokes the power and vitality of volcanic magma when running down from the crater, was the finish selected. The appearance of flamed granite reduces the slipperiness of the surface and prevents dirt from accumulating. In terms of colors, Scavolini will suggest Moca, one of the latest innovations of Lapitec®’s color palette: the warm, reassuring and Mediterranean shades perfectly blend in with Scavolini’s stylistic selections, such as wood, steel and processed glass.
Even from a technological point of view, Lapitec® offers solutions that are completely in line with Scavolini’s values: the sintered stone has an antibacterial and easy to clean surface that is heat, scratch and UV resistant. Features that make it possible to exploit the full potential of a kitchen while working and cooking on a resistant, versatile, nice looking and easy to use surface. 

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