Lapitec® sintered stone surfaces at Cersaie 2016: three arabesque finishes, a new colour and a unique collection dedicated to large surface areas

At the Cersaie exhibition – Hall 25, stand A2 – the company will be presenting a series of new sintered stone surfaces that significantly extend the existing chromatic and application options. A dynamic development that confirms the current growth trend in the use of this material.
Full body sintered stone surfaces acquire new colours and textures. The Bologna fair will host the first presentation of the exclusive Avana solid colour, the new arabesques and the Urban collection, designed specifically to create large size surfaces. Thanks to this expansion, there are currently 113 options available to meet all requirements for interior and exterior surfaces, kitchen worktops, bathrooms and furniture. 

Avana: the triumph of warm colours

The Lapitec® monochromatic colour palette contains a vast range of alternatives covering the entire colour spectrum. From Bianco Artico to Nero Antracite, with warmer natural colours in between. The warmer shades include Avana: a warm colour that offers a contemporary nuance and has already become a classic in many urban and architectural spaces. Like all the other colours, Avana will be available in the seven Lapitec® finishes: Vesuvio, Arena, Lux, Satin, Lithos, Dune, and Fossil.

More pronounced veining for the new arabesques

For Lapitec® the arabesque finish is far more than a simple colour. It's the ultimate expression of one of the distinguishing characteristics of this product, namely its full body nature. This property means that the veining runs through the depth of the slab, creating an extremely realistic appearance of all machined surfaces. The company will be presenting three new products at Cersaie 2016, all available in the Lux, Lithos, and Satin finishes. The first proposal is Bernini: a two-tone grey with ebony coloured veining. Conversely, Donatello is a highly pronounced arabesque on a background of pale and warm nuances; finally, Canova offers all-diagonal veining on a pale coloured background. 

Urban: a new collection to interpret large size surfaces

A new finish, linked in name and mood to an evocative metropolitan horizon. "Urban" is a new collection of full body sintered stone slabs: a celebration of four iconic cities.
Brooklyn is a revolutionary interpretation of colours and shades of iron alloys: a highly evocative and textured result that is reminiscent of authentic Corten weathering steel thanks to the opacity of the surface. London suggests the mood of the buildings in the British capital: ash grey with hues that draw inspiration from the classic shades of London smog. Columns, stately villas and marble form the aesthetic basis that led the company to create Roma, the third proposal, characterised by its warm and impeccably elegant cream colour. Casablanca is an extremely pale and pure ivory colour that recreates the effect of the white buildings of the Moroccan metropolis.