Rust Kitchen evokes Venice with Lapitec®

The historical company, which since 1968 has been among the most innovative in the Polish market, has chosen full body sintered stone for its new collection. The chosen name is “Venezia”: a tribute to a fascinating, unique and intriguing city. 

The new project uses a single colour, Ebano, available in three different finishes: Lux, Vesuvio and Fossil. The different surface textures can therefore lend great dynamism to the whole kitchen, alternating smooth surfaces with other more textured ones. Moreover, the colour of the slabs harmonizes perfectly with the natural honey shades of the wood chosen for the kitchen's base. Lapitec® – used for the worktop, the doors of the column fridge and a cabinet - enhances a sober design, where every detail and finish expresses class and craftsmanship.

In perfect harmony with Rust's vision, full body sintered stone was chosen because it satisfies the Polish company's continual search for innovative solutions and ideas that can surprise and fascinate people, offering them a comfortable, beautiful environment in a timeless style.