Valcucine chooses the innovative Carbontec by Lapitec®

For the sintered stone top Valcucine relies on Lapitec®, which has exclusively developed an evolution of kitchen top with a new 10 mm thickness and a carbon fiber-based technology.
The two brands, which have decided to provide unique and high quality services, both focus on research and innovation. Indeed, Lapitec® has developed a new version of its maxi slabs (3365x1500 mm), entirely in sintered stone. The result was the fruit of a patented process developed by Lapitec®, ensuring high mechanical-physical performance even with a reduced thickness of 10 mm, which is essential for the stylistic and qualitative needs of Valcucine. 
Carbontec by Lapitec®: innovation creates design. 
The collaboration of the two companies has led to the development of a material that combines the unique qualities of sintered stone to Valcucine's aesthetic and stylistic approach. The reduced thickness does indeed make it possible to create thinner kitchen tops and profiles because a micro carbon-fiber mat supports the slab. This work makes it possible to increase resistance against shock and impact while offering the same performance as all the Lapitec® productions.  For Valcucine, Carbontec by Lapitec® will be available in ten different color versions; now for the Satin  - soft to the touch and as elegant as silk - and Vesuvio - a more structured surface that looks as if the granite had been brushed by a flame – finish collections.
Resistance and elegance for every Lapitec® slab 
The new Carbontec by Lapitec® will provide architects and designers with a wide range of possibilities: 44 color solutions available for four collections - Vesuvio, Satin, Lux and Fossil - with thicknesses ranging from 12.20 to 30 mm. The special slab production process makes it possible to achieve significant technical and aesthetic benefits. The sintered stone is indeed resistant against heat and non-porous, thus stain resistant, scratch resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Furthermore, it is made using the Bio-Care technology that confers self-cleaning and antibacterial properties to the product. Finally, the external material is resistant against the acids, bases and solvents used in the home, but also insensitive to UV rays and resistant against impact, abrasion, fire and frost.