Lapitec® and Fila seal a partnership to provide services to the construction and furniture industries

Two leading Italian companies have sealed an agreement that will see them join forces on a worldwide scale to manufacture a series of products and solutions for the whole sector of modern cladding panels. These companies are Fila (an Italian company that has been an international leader for over 70 years in the development of products and solutions for the care of every type of surface) and Lapitec®, the first company in the world to produce large-dimension, full body sintered stone slabs. These slabs are produced using an exclusive, patented technology in collaboration with Breton S.p.A., a reference point in the production of engineered stone processing machinery. 

The objective of this alliance with Fila is to combine the companies’ respective experience and knowledge of the market, the needs of the sector and their constant commitment to investing in product innovation and leading-edge technology, to provide state-of-the-art products and solutions.
The partnership will see the companies’ research and development teams working side-by-side to devise both purpose-designed technical solutions (i.e. products for specific applications) for Lapitec®, and establish application protocols for Fila solutions. This team effort will also involve a series of co-marketing and internal training initiatives targeted at the distribution channels and aftersales network, as well as external campaigns aimed at clients, end-users, designers and planners. 

The enormous versatility and transversal nature of the two companies’ products will enable them to produce solutions for every area of application, including the construction sector, the modern cladding panels and large surfaces segment and the furniture industry.