Lapitec® and minotticucine, between nature and naturalness

Since 2016, there has been a partnership between the large sintered stone slab manufacturer and minotticucine, the design icon. The first project? Gandhara     

Natural stone and the naturalness of sintered stone. It is on this boundary, also lexical, that the new Gandhara kitchen, created by minotticucine, was born. A meeting of materials, filled with visual silence, which surprises and reveals new aesthetic possibilities enriched by innovative technologies. 

The sliding kitchen worktop, made of brushed Rainforest Gold natural stone, hides the top made entirely of Lapitec®. The sintered stone's Lux finish enhances the ambient brightness creating an elegant and refined effect that makes the most of the warm Mediterranean tones of the Moca colour.  

The worktop is equipped with an autonomous refrigerated area (with a temperature that can be set from 0 to +10 degrees centigrade) that is completely invisible, as well as an induction hob that can be activated in another area of the top.

The result is an island with great structural and formal consistency, where the differences in the materials used in the parts reinforce the colour and visual harmony of the whole. A combination with a strong aesthetic impact that paves the way for innovative insights, for a design that starts from the materials and incorporates the most advanced technological applications.

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