Breton Headquarters: Lapitec® chosen to give the site a new look and brand identity

Projekt: Breton Spa
Uciekanie się: Castello di Godego, Treviso, Italy
Termin realizacji: marsz 2019
Materiał użyty: Moca, Lithos
Aplikacja: wentylowana fasada
Format używany: 900x915mm - 900x1151mm - 900x1311mm
Architect: Francesco Pascali -

Lapitec® has been chosen for the exterior restyling of the historic Breton company of Castello di Godego. The sintered stone material was patented after years of studies and testing by the internal research centre at the very same company.  

To avoid completely transforming the rational and functional architecture of the building Lapitec® slabs are used in three different formats - 900x915 mm, 900x1151 mm and 900x1311 mm - that are well suited to the context and do not disrupt the character of the site.
The colour Moca in the Lithos finish was also selected in order to blend well with the surrounding environment, skilfully balancing operational zones and the green areas around them.
The panels were applied using the Keil concealed anchoring system in combination with the minimum thickness available of 12mm.

An ambitious project, where the sintered stone displays its full potential both in terms of aesthetics and performance, ensuring an unchanging appearance over time and resistance to every type of weathering agent.