Private house Ca' Miane, Treviso, Italy

Private house Ca' Miane, Treviso, Italy
Project Name: Privat House
Location: Treviso, Italy
Date of completion: July 2015
Material: Bianco crema, Vesuvio/Satin, 12/30 mm
Application: paving for swimming pools

Description: in a charming location in the province of Treviso lies this Lapitec swimming pool.
The wisely renovated rural setting that surrounds the construction enhances its modern and elegant style even further thanks to the combination of Lapitec (chosen for the pool's cladding and stone paving) and wooden decking.
The colour is Bianco Crema, with Satin and Vesuvio finishes and thicknesses of 12 and 30 mm. The Vesuvio finish, which is more structured and non-slip, was chosen for the outer edge of the pool, while the smoother finish, Satin, was used for the internal cladding.
The construction was completed in September 2015, thanks to the design and support of the architect Maurizio Trevisan from Treviso.