Gandhara Kitchen, Minotti Cucine

Project Name: Gandhara Kitchen
Date of completion: September 2016
Material: Moca, Lux
Application: Kitchen cladding

The Gandhara kitchen, designed by Alberto Minotti and created by Minotti Cucine, is an innovative interpretation of full body sintered stone, in which the meeting of materials is enhanced by the addition of innovative technologies in the top area. 
The kitchen’s sliding top, made of natural brushed Rainforest Gold stone, reveals the “hidden” worktop made entirely of Lapitec®. It features the new Moca colour and Lux finish, and is equipped with an autonomous refrigerated area (with an adjustable temperature from 0 to +10 degrees centigrade). This area is absolutely invisible, as is another area of the top in which the induction hob can be activated, without the need to solve the problem of continuity. The results is an island with a consistent formal impact, in which natural stone and sintered stone are combined in chromatic and visual harmony. And in which it is possible to keep food and drinks fresh while cooking on the same surface. A demonstration of how the quest for materials can become the inspiration for design and technological application.