CONTRACT: Lapitec® adds a delicate finish to the interiors of Hotel Al Manthia, Rome

Project Name: Hotel Al Manthia 
Location: Piazza di Spagna, Roma
Material: Avana, Grigio Piombo, Moca, Dune e Satin; Nero Antracite, Vesuvio
Application: Flat Surface, staircase, desk, furniture and hot tub coating.
Project Coordinator: Adalberto De Paoli 
Fabricator: Lamezia Marmi di Pandolfo Giovanni e figli Snc, Lamezia Terme CZ

Located at just a short walk from Trevi Fountain and Piazza di Spagna in Rome, Hotel Al Manthia has revamped its interiors with three different finishes of Lapitec® stone. With its elegant aesthetic and pleasurable natural feel, Satin finish stands out for its soft sheen and versatility of use for floorings, walls and worktops; with a micro bush-hammered finish, Dune, creates a very subtle chiaroscuro effect, while Vesuvio, with its innate force, adapts perfectly to the suites.

Lapitec® full body sintered stone was chosen by the designers for both the communal areas and more detailed interventions in the bedrooms like furnishings, punctuating the space with natural, tactile accents. Even the tops of the bedside tables, tables and other surfaces in the rooms and suites have been made with Lapitec®, in the Avana colour Satin finish: a solution that marries perfectly with the dark colour of the wood used for the tables and parquet flooring. Meanwhile, the use of Lapitec in the reception area becomes much more structural. In fact, Dune finish, in the Grigio Piombo shade, has been used on the stairs, desk and furniture, which contrasts perfectly with the luminosity of the light wood floor and the micro LED lights set in the staircase. Whereas, Moca, again in the Satin finish, was the colour of choice for the large, curved counter and table tops in the breakfast room: a space with a beautiful, soft, natural light, which combined with the colour of the material, gives the room an immediate sense of warmth and hospitality. Finally, the suites see the use of Nero Antracite in the Vesuvio finish: a strong, imperial material that has been used to cover the hydromassage tub, re-echoing the hues of the walls, decorated with a very unusual style of wallpaper.

Hotel al Manthia is an articulate project that uses Lapitec® not only as a decorating material, but also for the furniture and structural architectural elements. The end result is an interesting convergence between the colours and aesthetic of sintered stone and other elements like wood, tables and surfaces.