Contemporary minimalism

Projekt: prywatna rezydencja
Miejsce: Polska
Materiał użyty: Bianco Assoluto, Lithos
Aplikacja: Aplikacja: podłoga kuchenna

An interweaving of lines defines the profile of this example of contemporary architecture in Poland. There are lines everywhere: from the intersecting planes that make up the building's exterior to the oblique columns located at its entrance, and from the decorative lines traced on the gate and the entrance to the garage, to the grout lines of the maxi-format tiles of the flooring and the vertical surfaces. The stylistic rigor, reflected again in the small garden located next to the front access to the house, is also embodied in the neutral palette of the coverings employed, in shades of white and grey.
These include Lapitec sintered stone, in Bianco Assoluto in the Lithos finish, used on the facade to outline the fascia and the terrace, as well as the covering of the garage located at the entrance to the house. Lapitec is a material that maintains its qualities over time, through its resistance to atmospheric agents, frost, fire and thermal shock; in addition, its resistance to UV rays and availability in large format slabs of over 3 metres in length, make it ideal for use in facades.