The elegance of Lapitec® Artico Vesuvio for the pool of a nearly Zero-Energy penthouse in Latina

Prywatny dom, Latina, Italy
Termin realizacji: Luty 2018
Material uzyty: Artico, Vesuvio
Aplikacja: powloka basenu
Architect: Mariella Niglio, Kaletekhne

Hidden on the terrace of a newly-raised, four-storey residential building in Latina, the first of its kind in the province, lies a mini-spa which has just obtained CasaClima Gold Certification, rightfully gaining status as a nearly-Zero-Energy Building (nZED).
The focal point of the project is the swimming pool and the choice of materials, which was crucial from both a technical and aesthetic perspective.
In fact, Lapitec®: slabs have been used as cladding on both the large ‘suspended’ border of the pool and the walls of the waterfall. Designed by architect Mariella Niglio, from the Kaletekhne studio in Rome, the edge of the pool (4.80 m x 4,50 m) has been entirely covered in Vesuvio-finish, full body sintered stone (thickness 30mm), which has high anti-slip qualities.
The same finish has also been used to construct the walls of the waterfall, which consists of two slabs of sintered stone (in the largest size option), which have been cut into an ‘L’-shape and ‘seamlessly’ joined together to create a single wall.
As well as the tactile and aesthetic beauty of the slabs, and the added benefit of being able to use large-sized slabs, Niglio also opted for Lapitec® due to its technical specifications, which make it a highly durable and functional outdoor material. Extremely resistant to scratches and abrasions, the material is not only very easy to clean but it’s also completely immune to UV rays. A 100% natural material that is perfect for this type of architectural project, especially a certified CasaClima Gold building, which requires meticulous attention in both the planning and construction stage to achieve high-quality results that combine energy-saving with environmental sustainability, comfortable living, a sleek aesthetic and materials that guarantee maximum performance.