Private house, Treviso, Italy

Project Name: Private House
Location: Treviso, Italy
Date of completion: July 2015
Material: Grigio Piombo, Vesuvio, 12 mm
Application: Ventilated facade cladding
Architect: Marco Bonariol - B&B Associati (Treviso, Italy)

Description: It is a very unusual residence that stands out among the apartment buildings of Treviso. The ventilated facade is completely covered in 12 mm thick Lapitec Grigio Piombo with a Vesuvio finish, which gives the house a decisive aesthetic impact and a modern look, also through the use of machined pieces with special geometries.
Moreover, Lapitec is the ideal choice for this application because it guarantees resistance to UV rays, frost, high temperatures and high winds, as well as ensuring a perfect level of insulation.
To finish, the windows facing the street and the inside of the small terrace above are also clad with Lapitec.