A villa in Slovakia surrounded by vegetation

Projekt: Villa K.
Uciekanie się: Slovakia
Materiał użyty: Bianco Polare, Vesuvio, 20cm
Aplikacja: podszewka podłogowa i basenowa
Architekt: AT26, architektonicke studio

Villa K. is a private residence located just outside the city centre, surrounded by fields and vegetation. Designed to re-establish a connection with nature, the modern architectural style of this home marries well with the surrounding natural environment, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

The pool that extends from the exterior patio links the structure to its setting, enriching the building and making it even more attractive.

Lapitec® in the Bianco Polare shade was chosen for the pool, which integrates perfectly with the green surroundings and the cement finish used for the external facade of the villa. The Vesuvio finish was then selected as it recalls brushed and flamed granite, but prevents the build-up of dirt and renders the surface less slippery, important feature for this type of application.

Lapitec® was employed to resolve one of the most complex aspects of a swimming pool: the border. This area often houses the pool systems and is heavily used, but these limitations were addressed by employing raised flooring where the material guarantees the area is trafficable, and the structure below, using only supporting feet, allows the equipment to pass underneath without compromising the aesthetic.

From the pool, the flooring in Lapitec® continues up to the entrance to the villa, covering the entire exterior area. The slabs are cut in irregular dimensions to create a geometric effect that gives movement to the surface.

Approximately 500 m2 of Lapitec® was used for this project.